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Pool Covers Infinity 4000™ Automatic Swimming Pool Cover (Comes in Electric & Hydraulic)

The Infinity 4000™ Automatic Swimming Pool Cover System is designed for both New Construction and for Existing Pools, and comes in both Electric and Hydraulic!

The Infinity 4000™ has been called the best automatic swimming pool cover on the market today by customers, installers and service technicians. Why is this important to you? It’s simple really, when looking for an automatic swimming pool cover, here are the top 10 things you should consider, and that you will receive with a Pool Cover Specialists Infinity 4000™.

Pool Covers Mini-Infinity™ Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

Don’t let the name fool you…there is nothing “mini” about this incredible automatic pool cover system when it comes to power, convenience and workload. The Mini-Infinity™ Automatic Swimming Pool Cover System is designed for both New Construction and for Existing Pools and is just as powerful as the Infinity 4000™. The reason it’s called a Mini-Infinity™ is because of its unique patented “profile” which allows a wider range of installation options and uses.

This Mini-Infinity™ comes with all the premium components of the Infinity 4000™, but has the motor and drive components mounted underneath which takes up less horizontal space and allows installation where an Infinity 4000™ is not as practical, space is limited or aesthetics are a concern. Below is a comparrison of the Mini-Infinity™ (on the left) and the Infnity 4000™ (on the right), you can see how the motor and mechanism of the Mini-Infinity™ is mounted below the roll up tube, allowing it to be installed in more confined spaces.

Pool Covers About Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

The Three Reasons You Need a Pool Cover Specialists® Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

When you have an ASTM certified automatic swimming pool cover covering your swimming pool when your pool is not in use, you are isolating not just the water beneath the cover, but most of the risk of drowning as well. Simply put, covering your swimming pool with an ASTM certified auto cover seals the pool on all sides and does not allow your children or pets from even seeing the water let alone being able to get to or into the water.

With a Pool Cover Specialists pool cover, we’ve tested our cover systems and fabric to be able to withstand thousands of pounds of direct pressure on the cover. What this means to you is…if anyone, a child, adult or even a pet were to walk, crawl or fall on top of your automatic swimming pool cover from Pool Cover Specialists® by accident when no one is around, there is little to no chance of drowning occurring. Peace of mind comes when you have an automatic pool cover and can’t be around to supervise your pool. That’s when, in the back of your mind, you’ll know that those around your pool whether pets or people, are pretty safe. This kind of reassurance doesn’t have a price tag, and can also protect you from possible liability.

When your pool isn’t covered, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool, especially if it’s heated…you are losing money and water. An uncovered pool loses both water and heat due to evaporation. This means you are wasting energy, water, and chemicals, and it is all just going up into the atmosphere when you aren’t using your pool. If you are doubtful of this, download this free app “The Swimming Pool Water and Energy Savings Calculator App” and run the app based on your specific location and pool size to find out exactly how much money you are losing yearly with your pool uncovered.

Why deal with the hassle of leaves, dirt, dust, animals, etc. in your pool every time you want to take a swim!

Pool CoversPowerTRAK™ Semi-Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

The Patented PowerTRAK™ Semi-Automatic Swimming Pool Cover System is an engineering masterpiece and the ONLY Semi-Automatic pool cover on the market. The PowerTRAK™ was designed for smaller pools where getting power to the swimming pool is not practical, or a mid range auto cover is desired.

The PowerTRAK™ Semi-Automatic Swimming Pool Cover System is built for medium to small size pools and spas, and operates using a 14.4 volt rechargeable Drill instead of 110 or 220 Volt power. This means it can be added to almost any existing pool or new construction and no added electrical, conduit or electrical permits are required. The PowerTRAK™ is ASTM Safety Certified, extremely convenient, easy to run, very low maintenance, and is perfect for locations where no power is available at the pool.

Pool CoversManualTRAK™ Manual Swimming Pool Cover

The Pool Cover Specialists® ManualTRAK™ System is Designed for Small to Mid-Size Pools and Swim Spas.

The ManualTRAK™ is the perfect affordable solution for small to mid-size pools and swim spas where a larger more robust system like our Infinity 4000™ and Mini-Infinity™ are not practical, but you still want and need all the benefits of an ASTM certified swimming pool Safety Cover.

Pool CoversSerenity Swim Spa Cover™

Pool Cover Specialists® Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ is Designed Specifically to Accommodate Rectangular Swim Spa’s and is priced affordably as a 1 size fits all, easy to install off the shelf unit.

This patent-pending cover system is easy to install and user-friendly to operate because it eliminates the inconvenience associated with cumbersome, tie-down covers, which traditionally require two people to position and remove the big solid heavy covers. A single user can extend or retract the Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ in just seconds!

Pool CoversReplacement Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Fabric

How Do I Get A Replacement Automatic, Solid or Mesh Pool Cover?
Pool Cover Specialists® has the right replacement pool cover for your pool at the best price…no matter what make or model or who installed your current cover & system!

We are one of the largest pool cover manufacturers in the world, and after 30 years of manufacturing, installing, replacing and repairing ours and EVERY other manufacturers’ pool covers…we know that a Pool Cover Specialists® replacement pool cover works on every manufacturers system.

Pool CoversLife-Lock™ Solid Fabric Safety Pool Covers

Pool Cover Specialists® Life-Lock™ Pin-Down Solid Vinyl Pool Safety Cover
A Pool Cover Specialists® Life-Lock™ Solid Vinyl Pin Down Safety Cover is the perfect cost effective answer for those times when an automatic swimming pool cover such as our Infinity 4000™ or Mini-Infinity™ systems are just not practical or in your budget, but you still want the Incredible safety and money saving benefits of a solid pool cover. Solid pin down covers are also excellent at keeping dirt, dirty water, debris and leaves out of your swimming pool.

Pool CoversMesh Safety Pool Covers

Pool Cover Specialists® Incredible Mesh Safety Covers…there are times when a more secure or permanent option is needed to cover your pool and safety is the most important factor.

Mesh Pool Covers are most often used when covering your swimming pool for long periods of time. Mesh covers are very secure and add an incredible layer of protection that is not affected by the water level in the swimming pool. They look and work like a trampoline stretched across the pool, so even with a dry or abandoned swimming pool…you have ultimate protection.

Pool CoversPool WatchDog™ Swimming Pool Safety Camera™

Give yourself peace-of-mind and help make sure your family and pets are safe around your pool!

The Pool WatchDog™ Swimming Pool Safety Camera™ is the perfect addition to any pool. When not at home, just in the other room or when someone gets too close to your pool, your Pool WatchDog™ is always on alert and can send Live Video, Text or Email Alerts to your smartphone…

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