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Monaco Bay

Monaco Bay Overview

The Monaco Bay puts a spin on your average pool, classic and sleek in shape as well as design the Monaco Bay Fiberglass Pool sports clean lines while adding a fresh twist on the everyday rectangular pool. Designed with a built-in tanning ledge take turns getting sun and dipping in the pool without leaving your home. After tanning and swimming recline back in the Monaco’s built-in bench seating!

Features Include:

Large built-in tanning ledge
Bench seating
Spacious swim corridor

Soak, splash and tan your troubles away in the 16' x 35' Monaco Bay Fiberglass Pool! Fun for both adults and kids the pool features a 3' shallow end as well as a 6' deep end. A total of 510 square feet of swimming fun, the Monaco Bay holds 13,600 gallons of water and would be the perfect addition to any home!

Monaco Bay
Size: 16' x 35'
Depth: 3' - 6' w/tanning ledge

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