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Acapulco Overview

Sophisticated and delicate are two words that describe our Acapulco Fiberglass Pool. Part of our Grecian line, the clean lines and sleek stately shape of the Acapulco will transport you to the times of ancient Greece. Take your swim time to let out your inner god/goddess as you relax and recline on the built-in seating of the Acapulco fiberglass pool.

Features Include:

Clean lines
Wide entry steps
Built-in seating
Large swim corridor

The Acapulco is 13' x 29' wide of swimming indulgence with a bottom that is 3' 6" at the shallow end and 5' 5" at the deep end. This luxurious and chic fiberglass pool is 336 square feet and holds 89,00 gallons of water. The Acapulco shell is backed by a 50-year warranty.

Size: 13' x 29'
Depth: 3'6" - 5'5"

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