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Hawaiian Overview

Bring the island to you with our Hawaiian Fiberglass pool featuring a built-in spill over spa! Drift away in a tropical paradise of relaxation and luxury as you go from swimming to soaking in your two in one swimming pool and spa. Designed with built-in water benches you will have no shortage of room to kick back and relax!

Features Include:

Surrounding relaxation water benches
Built-in spill over spa
Spa seating

The Hawaiian Fiberglass pool is 16' x 34' and provides plenty of relaxation with surround seating. The swimming pool plus spa features a 3' 6" shallow end and a 6' deep end.The 510 square feet pool and spa holds 15,500 gallons of water and is backed by a 50-year warranty!

Size: 16' x 34'
Depth: 3'6" - 6' w/ built-in spa

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